The projections from the reflection/refraction experiments saw great results that could potentially engage the user in a light experience within the home environment. However changes would need to be made for this to be employed in the home. The light projected by the mediums involved produced abstract lighting that was undoubtedly mesmerising, but I need to remind myself that I am designing for the home environment not an art exhibition. For this reason a set pattern/projection would have to be chosen that was easy on they eye and evoked a soothing calming emotion within the user.

The feedback regarding coloured lighting in the home was not as positive as I initially thought, leaving it something to be considered. If it were employed it would need to be managed carefully and be subtle. Movement produced wonderful effects in the projection experiments but again this would need to be managed carefully as it shouldn't distract the attention from a space but only enhance it. 

The capacitive sensing is definitely something I want to pursue as it has huge potential for us to interact with light as if it were a tangible object, pushing and pulling brightness and variation of light. This could work in a relationship to the idea of projection above or just be carried over on its own, with the pure interaction with the light being the light experience. 

The sketches below represent my current thoughts towards interaction with light. one being part of the light detaches from the main body, creating certain movements with it slow or fast would equate to a similar lighting experience . Pads could be laid on surfaces next to the light or be hidden within the light, using proximity to interact with the lighting experience.